Dot Torture Marksmanship Drill

Dot Torture Marksmanship Drill

Note: This material isn’t original and since nobody knows who developed it, credit can’t be given.

This is a marksmanship drill, fired at 3 yards or further. Targets are ten 2″ dots numbered. A total of 50 rounds is needed. You will perform: 22 draws and holster, depending on magazine capacity 5-10 administrative or speed reloads, obtain 83 sight pictures and press the trigger 50 times.

  • Dot #1- Draw and fire one string of 5 rounds for best group. One hole if possible, total 5 rounds.
  • Dot #2- Draw and fire 1 shot, holster and repeat X4, total 5 rounds.
  • Dot #3 and 4- Draw and fire 1 shot on #3, then 1 shot on 4, holster and repeat X4, total 8 rounds.
  • Dot #5- Draw and fire string of 5 rounds, strong hand only, total 5 rounds.
  • Dot #6 and 7- Draw and fire 2 shots on #6, then 2 on #7, holster, repeat X4, total 16 rounds.
  • Dot #8- From ready or retention, fire five shots, weak hand only, total 5 rounds.
  • Dot #9 and 10- Draw and fire 1 shots on #9, speed reload, fire 1 shots on #10, holster and repeat X3, total 6 rounds.

When you can do this clean on demand, extend the length or start timing and work on speed but maintaining accuracy. If a single shot is missed, you flunk. Only hits count and only perfect practice makes perfect.


Download the Original Target

Download the 30rd Target with Instructions